Warehouse "Top Notch" 'Bamboo Textured Ringer Tee (Navy)
February 14, 2023

Warehouse "Top Notch" 'Bamboo Textured Ringer Tee (Navy)

TOP NOTCH garments from Warehouse!

Every season Warehouse continues to surprise us with some of the most amazing tee designs!

Drawing inspiration from mid-century Americana designs, Warehouse has reproduced this classic "Top Notch" graphic tee design based on original diner logos! The graphic is skilfully screen printed to create a soulful "New Vintage" look which will only get better with age!

The specially developed fabric has strong horizontal textures which resemble the segments on a bamboo stalk. Thanks to the slow weaving process on vintage machines, the fabric has an elastic, comfortable texture while remaining highly breathable for everyday wear! Each knitting machine has to work at a very slow pace and can only produce enough fabric for 10 tees per day! 

With extra heavy ribbed collars and sleeve openings, these are a unique look but with a tastefully subtle appearance. With a slim fit and a snug fitted sleeve opening, these are great for a casual look!

If you're after some classic-looking vintage-inspired tees, these are a great choice!

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