Warehouse "Flyers" Low Cut Suede Cowhide Sneakers (Black)
August 25, 2018

Warehouse "Flyers" Low Cut Suede Cowhide Sneakers (Black)

Warehouse is well known for their interesting perspective of vintage. Through their passions of good old things, they always bring something really interesting on the table. This time we are excited to bring in their newest sneaker collection!

Warehouse took the inspiration from the classic "Flyers" low cut sneakers. Using their classic Made in Japan suede cowhide as the body,  the 60's inspired outsole is in a vulcanised construction made out of super high quality rubber which is not just durable but also aged with a vintage rubber look. 

Warehouse sneakers are always sold out super quick in our store. If you keen for some unique sneakers with minimised design. Grab them quick!

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