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Warehouse "Bamboo Textured" Loopwheel Henley Tees


Warehouse "Bamboo Textured" Loop wheel Henley Tees are in stock now! It is our first time to introduce you some nice "Bamboo Textured" loop wheel tees. many of you might just heard of "Bamboo Textured" loop wheel fabric for the first time but it is very well known in Japan. Overall the texture has a very strong horizontal textures which looks just like segments of bamboo. The fabric is highly elastic and breathable just like all of our other loop wheels, it is also knitted from vintage machines with a different knitting method. The machines has to work in a very slow pace that the fabric produced in one day is only sufficient for 10 T-shirts. These Tees are super comfy and well textured, come in store and try them out!


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