Warehouse 9oz "Hippie" Western Shirt
September 28, 2022

Warehouse 9oz "Hippie" Western Shirt

Taking inspiration from the early '70s cowboy western shirt, Warehouse re-creates and re-envisions it in an classy high-end look!

In the early '70s, the Hippie and free-love flowerpower movement spread all over the western countries, with consumers looking for cheaper but more stylish garments for everyday wear. The QC (Quality Control) standard drops to a lower level and that is how the Fast Fashion trend emerged in the early '70s.

This design of denim western shirt is inspired by '70s western shirts, with the copper snap buttons feeling lighter than the '50s Levi's denim western shirt's snap buttons. The edge of the hem is finished with single-stitching, instead of Binding-construction, to give it a more artistic look!

Constructed with Warehouse's specially developed 9oz selvage denim, it has a very smooth touch and deep indigo colour. With wear and washes, you will expect it to age to a higher contrasted look!

If you're ready to get your groooove on, 70's style, this shirt is the perfect fit!

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