Warehouse 12oz Lot.1096 Selvage Pique Pants (Black)
May 27, 2024

Warehouse 12oz Lot.1096 Selvage Pique Pants (Black)

Inspired by the late 60s 'Ivy Style' Bedford Cloth (commonly known as pique) trousers, Warehouse Co does re-create it to an even better look!

This pair of pants is constructed with Warehouse's specially developed 12oz pique fabric. Slowly woven on re-constructed vintage denim machines, it has a silky smooth touch and beautiful uneven textures, the black colour is sulphur thread-dyed for both weft and warp, and with time, you will expect it to age to a 'Black And White', high-contrasted look.

Design-wise, these pants come with a paper-ticket patch, stitched-off red tab and "snake-eyes" tonal arcuate stitching in the back pockets which are inspired by late 60s vintage Levi's denim!

If you are after some elegant fit pique pants with vintage details, this is an ideal choice at a friendly price!