UES Ultra Heavyweight Thermal Sweatshirt
August 10, 2022

UES Ultra Heavyweight Thermal Sweatshirt

We know you've been looking for the ultimate thermals, so here we go!

If you have never tried serious Made in Japan thermals, we think you will be very surprised. Famous worldwide amongst celebrities and movie stars, Japanese thermals are sought after for their luxurious standards!

To make up for a luxurious and comfortable experience, UES slowly knit this ultra heavyweight thermal on vintage machines. It's high density to make for a 'sweatshirt' like standard but with flexibility. The colour has been overdyed and will have long-term soulful ageing appearances.

Sewn using vintage flat seam machines, the construction is super durable. With long-term usage, this thermal will keep its shape but mould to your body shape perfectly.

If you're after some of the most serious thermals, this is the choice!

Grab in Olive here


Grab in Black here