February 08, 2023


As UES proudly proclaims on the front - These are some Strong and Rugged Boot Socks, fit for everyday and hardwearing use!

Woven on vintage shuttle looms, these socks are knit from thick reinforced cotton to maintain shape and comfort. Dororon cotton, along with mesh knitting is used across much of the sock to help with sweat absorbency and prevent unpleasant odours. 

In the spots where cushioning is needed a thick cotton pile is used to help support you and keep you comfy. The line along the back of the ankle, the Achilles tendon, is doubly reinforced to help keep the sock sturdy and long-lasting. Curl yarns are used for extra grip on the toes, sole of the sock, and heel also. 

Keeping your feet snug, warm, and fresh the UES way!

Grab a pair in a variety of colourways here