UES 9.5oz "NO.8 Slub Nep" Heavyweight Plain Tees
November 29, 2023

UES 9.5oz "NO.8 Slub Nep" Heavyweight Plain Tees

Neppy, Heavy, and Ready!

UES has brought us something truly impressive - their heaviest tee yet! Weighing in at 9.5oz and made from a thick cotton knitting fabric, this tee is quite something!

The ultimate in UES' line, these tees are a masterclass in cotton work. Woven slowly, with low tension on the vintage shuttle looms, there is a classic UES craftsmanship fully on display. Comes with unique uneven textures on the surface, these tees earn their ‘Slub Nep’ title. The neppy texture cannot be overstated on these - they feel incredible, with so much tactile neppy goodness across the piece you’ll want to run your hand over it every day, and the softness on your skin when wearing is almost beyond compare.

The tees have been over-dyed, entirely by hand. The soft stunning colour is deeply dyed into the fabric, as the UES artisans squeeze every drop into their stunning cotton. Of course, this dye will age to an even more soulful look with wash and wear!

Constructed with double-needled hems and sleeves for even more durability, these tees are sure to last! They also feature a ribbed reinforced collar to prevent stretching out over the long lifetime of the garment.

Wear Well, Wear Neppy, Wear UES!