UES 15oz Ultra Heavy Flannel Workshirt (Dark Green)
April 14, 2019

UES 15oz Ultra Heavy Flannel Workshirt (Dark Green)

Quality flannel for a quality life? We say ‘UES’!...no typo!

This one will definitely amaze you flannel fans! The surface feels super dense like some vintage wool jackets and has a nice dotted raised-texture.

Made using vintage weaving machines, this 15oz fabric is thick enough for those cool weather but breathable enough to wear through out the whole day. The pattern is subtle which makes it easy to match up with your other gears!

UES have been making some of the most serious basic items for years, when it comes to flannels, they really know what they’re doing. Like we’ve mentioned before, they say ‘Wear Well’ for a reason!

With time the overdyed threads will age to a nice vintage look as the colours fade to a soft contrasted look. The fabric will also get better with time, we think this will become one of your faves!

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