UES 12oz "Delivery Boy" Work Cap
April 14, 2024

UES 12oz "Delivery Boy" Work Cap

Your important parcel has arrived!

Coming from the quintessential UES classic set, the Delivery Boy Cap is a tried and tested staple! Drawing inspiration from the 1930’s delivery boys of old, UES merges the modern and vintage with aplomb!

Coming in four colourways - beige and khaki cotton twill, selvege indigo hickory and of course the selvege indigo denim - and Made from 100% cotton, woven on UES' vintage shuttle looms, these caps are super sturdy and full of character. The shuttle loom gives a unique nep to each bit of fabric that makes up these caps - built from four panels that are joined and tucked to give a special shape, whereby the cap sits lower on the head.

The outer, densely woven fabric is pulled from traveler shirts, so it’s sure to keep you shaded for many years. The inner lining is matched with a red/white houndstooth lattice pattern - UES never skimps on the details!

Featuring a pen slot on the side, the UES "Railway" logo front and centre, and and thick sweatband around the inner, this cap is full of neat touches.

Get the Khaki cotton twill here!


Get the Beige cotton twill here!


Get the Indigo selvege hickory here!


Get the Indigo selvege denim here!