Troy O'Shea NO.9 Vintage Wool Ball Cap (Special edition)
August 08, 2017

Troy O'Shea NO.9 Vintage Wool Ball Cap (Special edition)

Troy O'Shea "Revolution 9" Vintage Wool Ball Cap (Special edition) is in stock!

Again, we team up with Troy and come up with this new ball cap. This time we do want to make something a bit more than classic sportswear. And The Bealtes' song "Revolution 9" really give us the inspiration. The song is a result that Mr. John Lennon claimed he wanted to do an audio painting of revolution. The track is full with remix of sound and noise. It has been recorded in the "White Album" and became the most controversy track of Beatles. Thats what the number 9 on the cap is about. 

When we think about the colorway of revolution, we decided to use green and red. It is inspired from those iconic revolutionist figures like Fidel Castro, Mao. They often spotted wear green tops with red badges. So We choose this moss green Harris Tweet wool as the body of the cap and a burgundy red wool for the body. This fabric is vintage dead stock and sourced by Troy and it is very interesting. If you take a close look. The green Harris Tweet for the body goes with a little bit mix of different level of green. I guess "Noisy" is the right word to describe the texture! And of course, it will always keep you warm and dry!

These caps are all hand made by Troy in Australia and exclusive available in Corlection. Hope you guys will like it!

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