Troy O'Shea  Field Caps(Special Edition)
February 28, 2017

Troy O'Shea Field Caps(Special Edition)

Today we’d like to announce one of our latest projects!

As you may have noticed from our collaborations in the past we are quite interested in the Australiana culture. This is our next step into the world of mixing Nihon and Aussie culture. We have put something ‘extra' special together with the well known Troy O’Shea, an exceptional 'Australian Made' headwear brand using vintage machines and real Japanese fabrics!

For our project we were inspired to create the Field Cap Silhouette by the iconic US Field Caps used throughout WWII. The brim design of the cap itself is not just a replica from the original vintage caps! We’ve brought it to the next level by modernising it and shortening the length for a more versatile fit! Another unique detail of the Troy O’Shea brand is the special Herringbone Twill Cotton & brass cinch fastener! This means you can always have the perfect adjustable fit!

Now back to the fabrics! To bring back the classic appearance of WWII style caps and turn them in into a refreshing new we’ve created two different styles for you to choose from. For the first style we’ve chosen to use a 8oz WWII style Navy Herringbone Twill Cotton and for the second, a 8oz Indigo Dyed Selvage Duck Canvas with black ink over dyed! With each of these you will see something special underneath the brim! We’ve used Hand Dyed ‘Azumi’ Japanese knitting, in Japan this fabric is known as ‘wooden fabric’ which has so silky feeling!

These caps are perfect for those who are interested to try something refreshingly new and love vintage inspired styling! Why not support quality Australian made goods?! We guarantee you will be impressed!

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