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The Flat Head X Miwa Komatsu "Year of the Bird" Tees

The Flat Head

Over the past few years we have always been impressed with the collaborations between TFH and Miwa. This year we have their latest limited edition project, the ‘Year Of The Bird’ tee!

For those who may not know, Miwa Komatsu is a well known Japanese aquatint artist. Her art pieces are driven by her fantastical imagination and are all truly unique! She has created many famous pieces in the past and has even worked as a contract designer for Chanel Japan! You can see examples of some of her artworks on her website.

So what does ‘Year of the Bird’ mean? In the lunar year calendar this is referred to as ‘Year of the Rooster’ but in Japan this is known as ‘Year of the Bird’. The bird depicted in Miwa's artwork is the Fire bird, a native bird of Japan. It is actually believed to be the son of the Phoenix bird and symbolises rebirth!

In person you can truly appreciate the attention to detail in the printed artwork created by Miwa and see into her imagination! The t-shirt itself is TFH’s classic loop wheel t-shirt with the famous triple needle construction collar and is one of our most popular items from TFH!

If you are a big fan of Japanese artist Miwa or are looking for some exclusive and limited edition TFH gears be sure to grab one before you miss out!

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Click here to buy

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