June 09, 2018


For our collaboration denims, we love to make ’Next level pieces' with a lot of detail and story. Here is the latest collaboration for 2018, we've teamed up with The Flat Head!

Around 300 years ago, many countries such as Japan believed the earth was flat. This belief was not challenged until the ‘Age of Discovery’ where people began to sail the seas bravely in search of the edge of the earth. The British created the steam engine, discovered America and most importantly the fact that the earth was round, this took mankind’s knowledge to the next level!

In 1996 a similar discovery took place, Kobayashi san founded The Flat Head. He started off to create a brand with the high quality of 1950 vintage Levi denim and tees. After years of development and enhancement, The Flat Head brand greatly exceeded the original aim of recreating 1950s vintage quality. This was an 'Age of Discovery’ for the brand and brought ‘Made in Japan’ garments to a new level!

The greatest thing about The Flat Head, is not the name itself. We’ve heard stories from customers finding fakes for sale in stores in Asia. However, no fake will ever be able to recreate the ‘Genuine Quality’ and ‘Soul' that makes up The Flat Head. For any real fan, fakes are easily recognisable and are incomparable to the real deal.

What we’ve created here is the very first ‘Official Bootleg’. Without the original brand name, the real quality and craftsmanship shine through and is what we know well as ‘THE FLAT HEAD’.

For this pair TFH have provided their best of their Zimbabwe cotton denim series, which is totally hand picked. This is their highest grade of denim, it comes with a smooth feeling that holds its shape with time! With use, the ageing will appear with many beautiful shades of vibrant indigo! Commonly, denim is right hand twill, yet this pair are actually left hand twill. This makes for a seriously strong vertical ageing look...This is what TFH denim is famous for!

Construction wise, various thread sizes are used for supreme quality with double stitching on the front and back pockets. Inspired by the  discovery of Native America by the English, the inner pocket bags feature primitive patterns and tools from this time! As for the back pocket detailing and leg opening hem, we’ve used a twin tone, ‘Ocean’ themed thread to represent the sailing that took place in the ‘Age of Discovery’.

This is THE FLAT EARTH! Grab your limited edition pair while you still can.

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The Flat Head