The Flat Head "Sunburst” Studs Long Wallet in Black 1.5 Years In Use
April 30, 2017

The Flat Head "Sunburst” Studs Long Wallet in Black 1.5 Years In Use

The Flat Head are known for their ‘next level’ quality gears that only get better with time!

Here we have a beautiful example of how the TFH "Sunburst” Studed Long Wallet in black cowhide looks after daily use! This particular example has been used EVERYDAY for the past 1.5 years!

On the exterior of the wallet you can see that the rich, black cowhide leather has gained a super nice sheen and is displaying plenty of character thanks to the TFH’s special three month tanning process. The ‘Sunburst’ stud detailing is ageing quite nicely, the red crystal has become much more shiny and really captures ‘wear & tear' soul of the owner! The studs themselves are starting to vary beautifully in appearance as the iron centre is starting show through the silver exterior. We think that this looks ‘extra nice’ along side the hand hammed moon surface wallet ring which has aged with nice contrast!

All of the the internal compartments and card slots are still going strong thanks to the precise, hand sewn construction. Even after daily use and being in the in the owner's back pocket, the wallet still holds its original shape!

As you can see, after wear this wallet has a beautiful soulful look and will only continue to look better as time goes on!

Ageing The Flat Head