The Flat Head “Sunburst” Horsehide Shoulder Bag (Black)
January 26, 2019

The Flat Head “Sunburst” Horsehide Shoulder Bag (Black)

When talking about leather products, there’s no better than The Flat Head!

As one of their most iconic bag designs, this shoulder bag is a masterpiece of construction quality and human friendly design!

Created with a combination of hand and machine sewing, these are some of the highest examples of leather craftsmanship. The comfortable, padded shoulder strap and inner body pads will keep the weight evenly distributed. The adjustable strap lengths allow you to ensure the bag matches your body shape.

The high density horsehide leather has been deep black dye. With time the black will age with a super deep brown, black sheen and reveal the inner natural core.

The frontside features a spider web stitch decoration with the silver and rhinestone starburst emblem, watch them gleam with time! With fully lined internal and external compartments, this is the ultimate choice for a quality lifestyle.

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The Flat Head