The Flat Head "Silver Concho" Full Grain Long Wallet - 1 year of use
December 31, 2016

The Flat Head "Silver Concho" Full Grain Long Wallet - 1 year of use

Here we have one of the most well known examples of The Flat Head’s serious leather good products!This "Silver Concho" Full Grain Long Wallet is very beautiful in appearance and also extremely functional! This wallet has been used by our Sydney staff for 1 year and has been used every single day!

Flat Head’s special veg tan leather has aged very nicely, becoming darker and displaying rich depth of colour. The exterior of the wallet has also become much shinier, gaining a very elegant sheen. This is exclusive to the Flat Head as they have developed their veg tan leather process. Compared to other leathers, the Flat Head’s cowhide takes longer to gain sheen but is unique and unlike any other.

The construction of The Flat Head’s leather goods are SUPER SERIOUS. You can see on this wallet the precise hand crafted details such as the complete hand sewn construction and design. This allows the wallet to retain its shape over long time usage and become even better with time. After usage, closing the wallet becomes much easier as the leather softens up.

The silver details have also aged and oxidised very well and are showing some cool characteristics. The Concho and ‘Moon Surface’ detailed wallet ring have become more shiny and are starting to look very three-dimensional.


The Flat Head "Silver Concho" Full Grain Long Wallet is more than just beautiful design, it is evident that this is a product created with serious passion. The unisex design makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a seriously well made and functional wallet that can be used for a lifetime!

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