The Flat Head "Shell Cordovan" Welted Card Cases
July 02, 2016

The Flat Head "Shell Cordovan" Welted Card Cases

When talking about the best quality leather goods, there ain't no better than The Flat head! When we first received their first batch of shell cordovan card cases we thought it was pretty much perfect!! Now we have the NEW and DEVELOPED version which is better than ever!!

This is the latest version of the Shell Cordovan Welted Card Case. TFH choose their leather very meticulously, they only use the best, flawless, 'high density' shell cordovan from Japan. This shell cordovan is like no other, it is extremely durable and treated with TFH's special vegetable tanning process . TFH is the only company who have this special process. We can't even define how they do this process so we CORL it "The Flat Head Dyeing method"!!

TFH always want to make their goods lifetime products and are committed to making the best products. Using this special cordovan on the outside of the case allows it to strongly hold its shape after long time use. The entire case has been hand sewn by the best leather artisans in the world, they use a special flexible waxed thread which allows the case to open and close without any creasing. To re-enforce and double the strength of the outer edge a special horsehide welt has been double stitched on the edge. The inner card slot and compartment also use the special cordovan! This time TFH have changed the lining material of the case, slot and compartment, now they use same horsehide used for the outer welt!

If you want the best of the best, this is it! To truly experience and appreciate the quality you have to see these card cases in person!

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