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The Flat Head Shell Cordovan Mid Wallets

The Flat Head

The Flat Head Shell Cordovan Mid Wallets are their standard mid wallets which have been sold so well over 10 years in Japan ! Due to the high demand, each restock may take up to 18 months then the awaiting is over now! We have these beauties in hands again!

TFH treated their cordovan with a special vegetable tanning process. Through time, you will see them aged in quite a unique way. We can not define the dye technique since we never see anyone doing similar job as The Flat Head do in the world. So we guess we just call it "The Flat Head Dyeings".

The wallets are completely hand sewn by extremely skilled artisans. When they sew the outer to the inner they vary the thread tension too allow the wallet to fold with ease. The wallet is lined with pigskin which is very smooth and flexible. This prevents creases from forming on the outside of the wallet.

The sterling silver ring has been hand hammed to remove air which makes the silver denser.The ring also has special texture on the surface which we like to call 'moon surface'. Throughout time, it will also age nicely along with leather!

If you are looking for a high-end wallet we highly recommend you to try one for yourself!

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