The Flat Head ’Shaded Skull’ Sukajan Jacket
March 18, 2018

The Flat Head ’Shaded Skull’ Sukajan Jacket

As one of the most classic creations in the past 100 years, the Sukajan jacket is an icon of Japanese fashion.

Many brands have created their own Sukajan but we feel few are truly outstanding. TFH have shown us again that they are one of the best creators, their version of the Sukajan really does meet our high expectations.

One of the most important details on the Sukajan is the embroidery. TFH only use vintage hand held "tattoo like" embroidery machines. This is how they get such amazing detail! The skull symbols have shaded details and with three dimensional perspective. 

Unlike any other rayon made from polyester, TFH create theirs using bamboo fibre, silk and cotton. This gives it a soft feeling, amazing sheen and increased durability over pure silk.

The flannel side features TFH’s own world famous fabric. Created specially for this jacket, the mix of various over-dyed threads makes for a cool semi casual look.

With a versatile design and killer construction, this is a jacket you can enjoy in any cool season!

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The Flat Head