The Flat Head Semi-Long Cordovan Wallet
January 27, 2017

The Flat Head Semi-Long Cordovan Wallet

We have seen all kinds of quality leather products out in the market but The Flat Head always seem to be able to impress us and take it to the next level! Here we have the new Shell Cordovan Semi-Long Wallet from The Flat Head!

The new outer shape of the wallet fits into your back pocket and sits comfortably, it also resembles the shape of the letter ‘F’ for The Flat Head. The outer edges of the wallet have a doubled stitched shell cordovan ‘welt’ which serves a purpose and not just for atheistic. It allows the wallet to hold it's shape over long time usage and becuase it is slightly raised above the surface it also serves to protect the shell cordovan body. The overall thickness of the wallet is amazingly thin, this is extremely difficult to accomplish.

The specially shaped card slots are hand stitched for extra strength. The coin compartment with the newly developed TFH zip has a very easy to use, padded shell cordovan pull tab, which is hand sewn of course! The inner pigskin lining is thinner and even smoother than before! The new wallet ring is made of TFH’s special silver mixed with white gold, this will age 'real nice' with the rest of the quality materials!

TFH’s shell cordovan is unlike any other, they use an exclusive, extra high density piece from horsehide buttock which is exclusively made for TFH by Shinki Tannery in Japan. Creating this shell cordovan is extremely time consuming, the tanning process takes one month then requires another two months for the colour to be dyed.

The entire wallet has been hand sewn by Japan’s most skilled artisans! This new version has been stitched every 3.5mm, unlike the previous version which was stitched every 5mm. This requires the utmost level of skill and adds significant time to the construction process. Each stitch is varied in tension to allow the wallet to open and close with ease. This also prevents any creases to appear on the exterior of the wallet!

Everyone knows that The Flat Head make some of the best leather wallets, why not treat yourself with something ‘extra' special!

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