The Flat Head "Panneled" L/S Thermal Shirt
March 31, 2023

The Flat Head "Panneled" L/S Thermal Shirt

New and improved for your daily use.

TFH have the basics covered so well! For decades, their tees have been some of the most popular items for a quality daily life!

Using a specially developed thermal fabric that's knitted using vintage machines, these have an extra warm feeling with great breathability. With wear, they'll shape to your body without over-stretching! Newly introduced this season are the shoulder panels that feature double-layered ribbing. This will make for an even more comfortable feeling, and increased warmth and also help to prevent over-stretching with long-term, heavy use.

Using the famous flat seam construction typically seen in rare examples, TFH has taken this seriously! The cuffs also feature vintage curve-shaped cuffs for a more natural feeling on the wrist and of course stylistically unique!

Gear up this season with some super nice thermals. We bet TFH are some of the best we've seen so far.

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The Flat Head