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The Flat Head Key Hook With Shell Cordovan Key Case

The Flat Head

The Flat Head Key Hooks with Shell Cordovan Key Cases are some best key hooks we have received so far!

The major hook is made of copper which has the name of "TFH" engraved which is easy to bend the opening to match beltloop or belt. It also goes with a iron "Arrow" key ring which is specially developed by TFH,compared with others it is really more durable throughout years of uses!

Many of you wanna experience some TFH cordovan? This is a great chance! These key hooks go with two shell cordovan major key cases which are hand-stitched by their skilful leather artisan…If you did not prepare 1000aud for a cordovan wallet, maybe you can just spend 110aud for a quality and well designed key hook to experience some nice ageing on these shell cordovan key cases!

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