The Flat Head Horse Oil
December 13, 2022

The Flat Head Horse Oil

Keepin' your leather goods beautiful!

A staple care product, the The Flat Head Horse Oil is a must-have! Made by Japan's worldwide famous horsehide and cordovan expert Shinki Leather Co., this horse oil is perfect for all your leather goods!

The oil is comprised of several ingredients to make clean, protect, enhance, and provide longevity. Notably, there is a specially formulated Vaseline and paraffin wax, which will give a waterproof surface to any leather, and will enhance the natural sheen of your leather goods. A quick polish with this oil immediately bears results - the shine and protection that every good piece of leather deserves!

This product also comes with a sponge for convenient application. Apply sparingly to any non-suede leather and let dry for a few hours to achieve remarkable results. Regular application, especially to bags, jackets, and shoes always recommended! Get your leather looking lustrous! 

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The Flat Head