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The Flat Head Deerskin x HorseHide Shoulder Bags

The Flat Head

When it comes to leather goods from The Flat Head, they are the king.They continue to improve their products each season, making them better and better. They always amaze us with their dedication to their craft. Earlier this year we teased this Deerskin x HorseHide Shoulder Bag, showing off its beautifully aged characteristics and serious construction. Now we offer this masterpiece in our stores!

This bag is an amazing example of Flat Head's superior attention to detail, design, materials and construction. It can take up to 8 months for the most skilled artisans to complete these bags, not including the time it takes to tan and colour the leather!  The tanning process of the horsehide and deerskin is very time consuming, taking two months for the initial vegetable tan. After this step it takes another month for the colour dye process. The initial appearance of the bag is quite rich in colour and has a soft matte sheen. After use the deerskin will become even softer and build up a brilliant shine! The horsehide sections will gain very unique character, becoming darker in some areas and brighter in others! The rich textures of deerskin and horsehide compliment each other perfectly!

The craftsmen need the utmost attention to complete these bags. Many areas of the bag are specially hand sewn, in order to achieve maximum strength and elegance. These smalls details add significant difficulty and time to the construction process.

The two way design of this bag is very functional and extremely comfortable. The handles and shoulder strap are very comfortable and steady. The bag itself is very lightweight, weighing in less than one kilogram, making it perfect for everyday use without any fatigue. There is plenty of space for your belongings, the design of the internal pockets and compartments is very space efficient. Even with many items inside, the appearance of the bag still holds it sleek shape.

To truely appreciate this piece you must see it in person. Those who are looking for a truly functional, high end bag... look no further this is the bag for you! 

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