The Flat head Cordovan  X Ultra Suede Oxford Shoes
September 22, 2018

The Flat head Cordovan X Ultra Suede Oxford Shoes

When we talk about high quality footwear, this is it.

After decades of experience, TFH are creators of some of the worlds best quality leather products. With their own leather craftsman factory and exclusive leather from Shinki tannery Japan, they’re able to create truly unique, artisan leather products. 

Using high density shell cordovan, the uppers will age to a beautiful, rich black sheen. This cordovan goes through a three month tanning process and is the best cordovan we’ve seen so far. The ultra suede, usually used for Ferrari car interiors, has been re-inverted by TFH and brought to a higher level. This feels super comfy on your feet and has very durable characteristics.

The stitch down construction means you can always repair the outsole as you wear them throughout the years. With super comfy internal lining, padded tongue, full leather midsole and anti-bacterial insole, these are shoes you can wear for a lifetime.

If you’re after some of the best artisan footwear, this is definitely the choice for you. 

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The Flat Head