The Flat Head "Alaska '13" Reversible Souvenir Jacket
January 16, 2017

The Flat Head "Alaska '13" Reversible Souvenir Jacket


The Japanese style souvenir jacket otherwise know as the "Suka Jacket”, is probably the most popular trending item from 2016.

Apart from the hype, the "Suka Jacket" has been always a classic part of menswear. It is a piece of history that was born in an interesting moment of time, when the culture of east and west met.

There are so many brands out there who are doing Suka jackets, the truth is we ain't got no interest in showing you any of these average, boring items. We only choose the best of the best when we decide what to present to our valued customers! So here is something really special we have just received, The Flat Head "Alaska '13" Reversible Souvenir Jacket.

Each side of this reversible jacket is 'xtra' detailed, side A is made from premium velvet and side B is made from a rayon/silk, blended knit. Both sides of the fabric are custom made in Japan exclusively for TFH company, we are very sure that you will see nothing better coz these are the best.

The other very important part of a Suka is the embroidery. Compared with the numerous Suka Jackets you see on the street everyday, this one is very different. TFH use most skilful craftsmen in Japan to do hand embroidery for the entire graphic. This allows them to control the tone of the graphic, the surface of the embroidery is even smoother but the texture is more uneven, also the graphic has much more three dimensional depth. When you see one these special jackets, you will know that it is not just a wearable but a collectable. This unique jacket is really ’the real deal', it is for someone and not everyone!

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