The Flat Head 9oz Loopwheeled Henley Tee
February 22, 2023

The Flat Head 9oz Loopwheeled Henley Tee

The king of quality (TFH) brings us their latest henley tees!

Since the early days of the brand, TFH has had a focus on creating quality garments in all categories. Since the introduction of its signature loopwheel fabric, TFH has made their mark as one of the most serious Made in Japan brands for tees.

Specially developed to TFH's requirements, these tees are made from their 7oz that same signature loopwheel fabric. It has a soft feeling against the skin, and great breathability but an incredibly durable characteristic that allows you to wear it for many years without experiencing overstretching.

Famous for their attention to detail, TFH has used vintage 1960s flat seam machines to construct these. The resulting stitch is flat and does not create unnecessary folds when worn making for a clean look. The ribbed collar will help maintain a comfy fit around the neck in time. For a tonal look, TFH chooses minimal urea buttons.

If you're keen on trying some of the most high-standard henleys, these are an amazing choice!

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The Flat Head