The Flat Head 7oz "Monsters Garage" Loopwheel Tee (Black)
June 18, 2021

The Flat Head 7oz "Monsters Garage" Loopwheel Tee (Black)

Those high standard graphic tees from TFH just dropped!

Some may not know, the Flat Head brand's founder has a deep connection to petrolhead culture! They have collected various super rare, vintage memorabilia and have perfectly refurbished vehicles created via their garage.

Made using TFH's signature loop-wheeled fabric, the fibres go through a double-twisting process which creates a softer fabric without a sticky feeling. The threads have been colour dyed rather than printed, meaning with time the border pattern will maintain its sharpness! With time, you'll see the loop-wheeled texture become softer and fade to a vintage tone.

The skilful screen-printed graphics are super crisp and will gradually fade to a crackled look just like some rare vintage USA tees. With a triple-needle stitched collar, it'll keep its shape with long term use and fit the shape of your next more comfortably. The border pattern has also been skilfully aligned from the front and backside as well as the sleeves for a perfectly matched appearance from all angles.

If you want to try one of the best loop-wheeled printed tees, this is it!

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