The Flat Head 6002A Type 2 Denim Jacket (Special Edition)
September 19, 2018

The Flat Head 6002A Type 2 Denim Jacket (Special Edition)

The classic type two meets TFH’s special natural indigo!

For these denims, we’ve used a 14.25oz indigo denim dyed 10 times with natural indigo. For the real denim fans, you know how special this is. Unlike normal indigo dye, this denim will age to a more beautiful vibrant indigo shade which you can only find in natural indigo dyed products! It’s just what we’ve always wished for!

We’ve extended the vertical length to make a more modern fit. Compared to TFH’s 14.5oz pioneer denim, this 14.25oz denim is much softer and has a stronger texture.

With an adjustable waist and pleated back side, you can always ensure you have the perfect fit. From the, detailed construction, silver coated buttons to the lined chest pocket flaps, this is one of the most serious Type 2 jackets you can buy.

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