The Flat Head 12oz Indigo Dyed Wabash Blazer
April 24, 2019

The Flat Head 12oz Indigo Dyed Wabash Blazer

Some of the best Wabash in the world? Sounds about right!

This is an elegant style made by TFH, with some of the most amazing wabash fabric we’ve ever seen. Using vintage weaving machines used for denim, this Wabash has the amazing texture of denim and the discharge printed beauty of classic wabash. Enjoy the many shades of indigo and amazing high contrast ageing with time!

Finished with single needle stitches and classic rounded waist pockets, this is a gentlemen's jacket! Looking closely you can see why TFH are called the experts of this industry. The lapel features a perfectly matched wabash pattern where the two pieces of fabric join.

With TFH’s undefeated craftsmanship and creativity, this is a must have for fans of workwear styles.

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The Flat Head