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Studio D'Atisan 7oz Tsuri-Ten Loopwheel Tees

Studio D'Artisan

Studio D'Atisan 7oz "Tsuri-Ten" Loopwheel Tees are back in stock!

“Tsuri-Ten" Loopwheel tees are some nicest tees we have ever seen. The loopwheel fabrics are produced from some oldest loopwheel machines in Japan which could only produce 1 meter per hour. The "Tsuri-Ten" loopwheeled tee has some beautiful uneven textures in the surface and tensions which will keep you feel comfy in warm season and age nicely with wears & washes.

The whole tee is finished in Four-Needle-Construction by Union Special machine for extra strength, at the very beginning, the arm pit might be a little bit tight then will get stretch to exact fit as your body!

Summer Is Coming, are you ready to get geared up with some nicest L/W tees?

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