Studio D'Artisan "Vietnam War" Denims Slim Tapered fit (Limited Edition)
September 14, 2016

Studio D'Artisan "Vietnam War" Denims Slim Tapered fit (Limited Edition)

When we talk about denim jeans, first thing that comes to mind is "workwear". Most of you guys definitely know that denims used to be workwear only and then becomes fashion. But you might not know that jeans used to be a military wears as well in a very special time - Vietnam War.

In 1961, as the Cold War going on, US Navy form a new force for special operation especially against rising guerrilla warfare - Navy SEALs. Navy SEALs is one of the most elite special military forces in the world until today. Since SEALs is a force for special operation only, they were allowed to dress in civilian cloths. During Vietnam War, they likely to wear tiger camouflage tops with a pair of jeans, and thats the time that 5-pockets become a military wear.

We all know that Studio D'Artisan usually get some interesting limited edition denim once in a while. This time they looking into the history of Vietnam War and comes up with this pair of limited edition VW Model. Using a custom made 15oz blood color selvage denim, the indigo is even deeper compares with their classic 1XX fabric. You will also expect a strong vertical fade through time. Since it is inspired by Navy SEALs in Vietnam War, SDA put a heavy duty tiger camo twills linings on yoke and front inner pockets. You will also find that all the stitchings has been replaced with olive colours to make the jeans more military taste. Since it is a limited edition, the leather has been redesign with more VW details and imprinted on deer skin leather.

The VW model is a limited edition and Corlection store is the ONLY one that sells VW model in slim taper fit! That makes this model of jeans SUPER LIMITED to 50 PAIRS in the world! If you prepare to get a pair of Studio D'Artisan denims or something slim tapered fit, don't miss them out!

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