Studio D'Artisan Heavyweight Duck Canvas Newspaper Bag
November 19, 2023

Studio D'Artisan Heavyweight Duck Canvas Newspaper Bag

Finally some good news, hot off the press! SDA has brought this handy-dandy carry-all satchel, modelled after the Newspaper bags toted around by street sellers in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Made from heavyweight duck canvas fabric, this bag is perfect for carrying almost everything - it's surprisingly roomy (think of those big ol' newspapers!), so you can chuck your daily things and go. The strap is well proportioned for maximum comfort, sitting easily around the shoulder with a wide width, distributing the weight of the bag effortlessly.

The "STUDIO D'ARTISAN" brand name is discharge printed, with time, it will get crackled and age to a more soulful look.

Come in 3 colors. 

Grab the Brown version here

Grab the Ivory version here

Grab the Navy version here


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