Studio D'Artisan "Chain-Stitching" 7oz Tsuri-Ten Loopwheeled Pocket Tees
February 15, 2017

Studio D'Artisan "Chain-Stitching" 7oz Tsuri-Ten Loopwheeled Pocket Tees

Studio D'Artisan's t-shirts are always popular among our customers. The so called "Tsuri-Ten" loopwheel fabric is from one of the slowest loopwheel machine in the world. The fabric has some most unique texture and will age beautifully through using. This time, we bring in these new version of their "Tsuri-Ten" pocket tee which goes with a chain-stitching "Studio D'Artisan" logo embroidery. The embroidery has been done by the most skilful embroidery artisans and they are all done by hand, so you might find that each one of them one of a kind. The chain-stitching embroidery has such a beautiful texture, that the photos can't justify. If you ever got a chance to see it and touch it in person, guaranteed that it will never let you down.

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