Studio D'Artisan 7oz “Kurozome“ Gradient Dyed Loopwheeled Tee
October 05, 2023

Studio D'Artisan 7oz “Kurozome“ Gradient Dyed Loopwheeled Tee

Fade to Black!

SDA has cooked up a truly special black-to-white summer tee, utilising traditional dyeing techniques dating back over 1,000 years. Originating from the Kyoto Montsuki dyeing tradition, these garments were worn by Buddhist priests and Samurai as formal attire. This dyeing method involves a slow and laborious process of applying base layers of natural black dye derived from betel nuts (Binroji) to the natural white tee. These are applied with a gradient effect that showcases the beauty of the natural hand-dyeing process! Each garment is hand-dyed by one of a small handful of highly skilled craftsmen, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece!

This 7oz cotton fabric has been slowly woven using vintage loopwheel machines, to create a subtly textured tee that is soft like cashmere and slightly stretchy for ultimate comfort! After long-term use, the texture of the fabric will be enhanced and gain a soul of its own as it ages to a lighter tone.

If you are looking for a special summer tee, made using traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. SDA could be a great choice!

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