Studio D'Artisan 15oz Indigo Kasuri Denim Shorts
September 27, 2022

Studio D'Artisan 15oz Indigo Kasuri Denim Shorts

SDA combines modern style with time-honoured traditional Japanese fabrics!

Summertime is particularly tough for diehard denim heads who can't wear their favourite jeans in the heat. Luckily Studio D'Artisan has brought us these incredible indigo Kasuri denim shorts so you can continue your ultimate fading journey!

The specially developed 15oz Kasuri denim fabric has been woven at an ultra-slow pace to produce some of the most amazing slubby textures we have ever seen! Multiple hued indigo rope-dyed yarns have been combined to produce the beautiful waterfall look and feel! With time the texture will continue to get even better as the denim fades to a high-contrast indigo look!

These shorts have been made with the same high-level standard of construction as SDA's denim. With a 5-pocket style design, hidden back pocket rivets, black coated iron button fly and chain stitch construction these are sure to remain robust and durable through many years of wear! Heavy HBT pocket bags add extra tasteful detail, with time the indigo transfer from the denim will make the herringbone pattern appear more apparent! Lastly, the ultra-thick cowhide patch is embossed with a unique tasteful design!

If you are looking for the ultimate summer shorts with beautiful Japanese fabrics, look no further than SDA's Indigo Kasuri Shorts!

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