Studio D'Artisan 12oz HBT Denim Vest
November 13, 2017

Studio D'Artisan 12oz HBT Denim Vest

When we talk about vintage quality meeting modern style, this is it! With such a unique texture and functional design this is perfect for all seasons!

From a distance the herringbone twill denim has a subtle vertical contrast but up close you can really appreciate the beautiful irregular texture! Created on vintage machines, this grand indigo dyed denim will age with strong vertical contrast. With wear you’ll start to see the HBT texture come to life with many shades of bright indigo.

The functional design includes two reinforced waist pockets which are perfect for your keys or small belongings! They're also lined with a soft, contrasting HBT fabric for added comfort! The iron cinch back allows you to ensure you always have the perfect fit and has been riveted for added durability and style.

Match this one up with your other quality gears for a modern workwear look!

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