Studio D'Artisan 10oz 'Tsuri-Ami' Loopwheeled Sweatshirt (Kakishibu)
March 25, 2022

Studio D'Artisan 10oz 'Tsuri-Ami' Loopwheeled Sweatshirt (Kakishibu)

Kakishibu, as known as Japanese Traditional Persimmon Dye!

This dyeing technique was imported from China 1000s years ago and it becomes a Japanese cultural heritage. Japanese craftsmen get the dyeing juice from persimmon and dye the clothing with it. For all the Kakishibu dyed garments, they can prevent mosquitoes so that is why Kakishibu dyed garments are still very popular in Japan!

This 10oz loopwheel fabric is specially created by a small family-own loopwheel factory in Wakayama, Japan which has been producing the best loopwheel garments for over a century. Its loopwheel fabric is slowly woven from the vintage hanging machine that can only produce 12 ~ 15 pieces of sweatshirts per day. The interior is brushed like some finest cashmere that makes you stay cozy in the cold season!

To hold the shape of its sweatshirt better than usual ones, SDA uses a vintage jacquard knitting machine to finish its ribbed 'V' inserted collar, cuffs and hem. The body construction is finished by 'Twin-Needle-Construction' guarantees that you can wear it for over a decade comfortably!

Looking for some high-end loopwheel sweatshirt? We believe it will be an ideal choice!

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