Studio D’Artisan SD-106 Denim 6 months in use
November 21, 2016

Studio D’Artisan SD-106 Denim 6 months in use

The SD-106 denims we showcased a few months back are back again! This pair have worn by our Sydney staff for 4-5 days a week and have just reached 6 months of wear. After their third wash they are starting to show some really mature ageing characteristics!

SDA have been around since 1979 and have been creating quality Japanese denim for nearly 40 Years! They are one of the original 'Osaka 5’ denim manufacturers who were one of the few pioneers of quality denim in Japan. 

The SD-106 is similar to the SD-107 but have a lower rise and are a slim straight fit. They are constructed with super smooth Zimbabwe cotton denim fabric and have been dyed with SDA’s special, almost ink black, natural indigo.

On the front side the whiskers around the crotch are quite vibrant and show varying levels of contrast. The lightning strikes underneath the pockets have become very sharp and bright! The coin pocket has really developed some interesting, light tone, horizontal waves, especially on the edges. The woven Dartisan label has absorbed some of the surrounding indigo and has a slightly furry texture. The left hand pocket has had some of the stitching partially wear away. It is really starting to look soulful due to regular pocket usage. The outer edges have become much brighter than the surrounding area.

The surface of the thigh area has become slightly lighter due to abrasion from daily wear. Also the front knee sections have become much lighter due to wear and tear from our staff helping our customers with their boot fittings. The contrast of this area is much higher now and really stands out! The lighting strikes around the knee are also even brighter and stronger than before, but still have subtle variances in tone.

Onto the back side! The yoke seam is showing a big range of indigo shades, from the darker outside to the lighter coloured the center. The pockets have become much brighter and show super strong contrast to the rich indigo spots around the edges. Especially in the areas directly above the hidden  rivets. Super strong lighting fades underneath the pockets are becoming longer and reach further down the leg. This is due to the soft, manoeuvrable, zimbabwe cotton fabric. The centres of the belt loops have become much lighter compared to the rest of the waist area. The copper rivets have become quite dark due to heavy oxidisation and abrasion, although the stamped lettering is still light. Making for an interesting contrasting look. The overdyed stitching is slowing beginning to loose more and more colour and beginning to dull in areas of wear. Matching very well with the soft soulful ageing of the zimbabwe fabric. The deerskin patch has gained many more wrinkles as the  printed design fades. Towards the bottom of the leg, you can see some soft, bright lines around the rolled up cuff height.

As you can see, SDA pay extreme attention to the detail in their construction and materials. Making for some serious denims, capable of beautiful ageing! If you are looking to experience some truly unique, classic denims, we recommend that you give Studio D’artisan a try!


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