Studio D’Artisan 13.5 oz Denim Totebag
January 18, 2019

Studio D’Artisan 13.5 oz Denim Totebag

Here’s another basic daily use from Studio D’Artisan!

This tote bag is made with 13.5 oz denim, carefully woven from a vintage loom but unlike other denim tote bags, the seams are all bound giving high end look!

Handle is made of extra strong cotton webbing, making it super durable when you’re carrying heavy stuffs and with it’s 3 dimensional design, you can put so many things in but not too bulky!

This is the perfect bag for school, shopping or your daily bag when going out, however, when you’re not using it, you can simply fold it and put it away and it will be the perfect sub bag!


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Studio D'Artisan