Stevenson Overall Indigo Dyed "Slinger" Duck Jacket
December 06, 2016

Stevenson Overall Indigo Dyed "Slinger" Duck Jacket

The Stevenson Overall "Slinger" jackets are inspired from some vintage ranch jackets but in a modern look.

The front body features V-shaped pleats on both sides, reinforced with chest pockets and rivets for a distinctive design. Positioning of the top button is low, allowing the collar to open and structure into a ‘horizontal collar’. The front yoke is sewn diagonally, using flat felled stitching with 5.6mm twin-needle head, and all lock stitching is done with a narrow width for a clean finish. Pocket flaps feature a curved stitch design. Backside features vertical pleats with a large buckle-back and each end is inserted between the pleats and sewn.

The "Slinger" jackets are some "Next Level" jackets that you will love to wear quite often and enjoy the look of ageing!

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