Stevenson Overall "Deputy" Ranch Jacket (Olive) One Year In Use
January 03, 2017

Stevenson Overall "Deputy" Ranch Jacket (Olive) One Year In Use

For those who have been eagerly awaiting to see what the SOC Olive Deputy Ranch jacket ages like, we now have a very cool example to show you. This jacket has been worn by one of our Sydney customers for 1 year and has seen much daily use and has yet to be washed! 

As you can see the moleskin fabric has really aged to a beautiful vintage look. The high contrast areas around the pockets and sleeve stacks look quite rusty and dense with colour! The olive overdye is wearing in nicely and is showing some soft but strong highlights of light olive. Initially the moleskin fabric is in a very tight, tense state. After wear it is now visible that the fabric has released this stress and has a slightly puffy texture on the surface. 

The corduroy accents have become softer and have strong contrast in areas of wear such as the rolled up cuff and sides of the collar. The suede piping is starting to become a slightly lighter shade thanks to regular wear! The black coat on the closure buttons is slowly wearing away in places and looks very unique! The oxidised waist adjusters are really starting to show a nice sheen and contrast nicely with the rich moleskin olive fabric.

This jacket has aged quite like vintage clothing and looks as if it belongs in a vintage photograph from the past. We look forward to seeing how this jacket continues to evolve with ongoing wear and will be sure to update you again in the future!

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