Stevenson Overall "Charger" N-1 Jacket (Charcoal)
June 24, 2016

Stevenson Overall "Charger" N-1 Jacket (Charcoal)

Stevenson Overall "Charger" N-1 Deck Jacket in stock. As the winter goes into the deepest, we also bring in these supreme deep winter gears. The jacket use classic U.S.Navy's N-1 deck jacket as blueprint and adopt to some innovation in design. The side pockets and cuffs are trimmed with horse hide. The trimming enhance the durability of the jacket and with wears you will see them aged beautifully as well. A 80% wool and 20% alpaca lining has been put into it. It keeps you super warm and the comfortableness has also been enhanced compare with the 100% alpaca pile old version N-1. The heavy jungle chino fabric on the shell is water resistant to keep your body dry in either rain or even snow and the rich over-dyed color will aged nicely as well. There are a lot more amazing details like the hidden "V" stitching on the collar, custom made "Universal" zipper, or the breathable holes on arm pits.

If you wanna do some classic military styling and but still warm and fit in the winter, this is something you can't miss.

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