Stevenson Overall 8oz Twisted Yarn “Gallent” Shirt (Special Edition)

July 11, 2017

Stevenson Overall 8oz Twisted Yarn “Gallent” Shirt (Special Edition)

Here we have another special edition project with SOC!

These button down shirts from SOC have proven to be a very popular item last season, so here we have something new to try! For this shirt we’ve chosen to use one of SOC’s specially developed fabric. The 8oz twisted yarn fabric is made from 100% cotton and has been overdyed! This means that with time the fabric will age to a very beautiful vintage look and gain its own character. If you look closely you can really see the ‘devil in the details’, the light coloured threads have three variations in shade! This gives off a really interesting un-even contrasting appearance to the fabric!

The shirt's chest pocket was inspired from vintage military flight shirts, a functional yet elegant design from the past. To improve the shirt’s overall tapered fit, especially around the chest, the back side features a center pleat. Another very unique detail to SOC’s button down shirts is their specially made, super thick buttons. The larger sized buttons actually help to prevent the shirt un-buttoning during wear and from falling off!

The button down collar makes for a very versatile piece, perfect for those who love classic, well fitted styling! If you missed out on our previous projects with SOC be sure to not miss out on this one!

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How We Measure

Pants and Shorts


With the major buttoned up (i.e. the top button) open the jeans and lay them flat, like shown. Measure from the front where the major button closes to the back belt loop. Double this measurement to find the waist measurement.

The way we measure the waist is different from the 'Side to Side' technique. If you are used to the 'side to side' technique you can roughly roughly downsize by 1 inch.

For example, 'side to side' measurement for The Flat Head 3002 waist is 28inch and using our method measures at 29.25inch.

Front Rise:

With the jeans lying flat measure from the crotch bar tack to the top of the waistband. 

Back Rise:

Spread out the crotch so the bar tack is visible, then measure from the crotch to the top of the waistband.


One inch down from the crotch, measure flat across to the other side.


Flatten the leg and measure along the inseam from the crotch to the leg hem. 

Leg Openning:

Measure straight across the hem from side to side.





Lay flat then measure from the shoulder's edge to the other shoulder's edge.


Lay shirt flat and measure from pit to pit.

Sleeve length:

With the sleeve flat measure from the shoulder to the cuff.

Arm hole openning:

Measure from the shoulder down to the pitt.

Vertical length:

With the shirt facing down, Measure from below the collar to the bottom hem.