Samurai ‘Twenty’ 6.7oz Loopwheel Black Tee (20th Anniversary)
November 16, 2018

Samurai ‘Twenty’ 6.7oz Loopwheel Black Tee (20th Anniversary)

For this special  20th anniversary occasion, Samurai have really created some amazing artwork!

On the front side you can see the ‘Twenty’ symbol which represents the 20 years of creating some of Japan’s most serious, culturally inspired quality garments!

Now, to the backside, again we can see the large ‘Twenty’ symbol but highly decorated! The Samurai swords made up the vertical and horiztonal movements. We think that this really feels like the doorway to the Samurai brand’s last 20 years of creativity.

Using their vintage made, loopwheel machine fabric, the tee feels comfy and will only get better with time.

If you’re a big fan of Samurai or just like amazing design, this is a special one to have!

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