Samurai S511GX-M 'Water' Denims
May 30, 2020

Samurai S511GX-M 'Water' Denims

"Be water, my friend" said Bruce Lee! Now introducing… the limited edition ‘Water' Samurai denims!

The concept of 'Water' denims is inspired by the Master swordsman Musashi, Famous for the book series 'The Book Of Five Rings'. This is the Japanese version of 'Art Of War'. Based on the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Air. The Water element is also one of five books of Musashi and explains that 'Pureness of Soul should be like Water. Shape your mind like water and move into any art form.'

For these denims, Samurai have specially created a new grand indigo dye for the weft and used a pure, natural indigo weft. With time, this denim fabric will age up to a strong high contrast look with many vibrant shades of ‘Water’ indigo!

This is the choice for fans of artisan quality denim! Grab yourself a denim masterpiece while you can. Turn the page and start your ‘Indigo Water’ journey!

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