Samurai S002SP 15oz 'Yamato' Selvage Shorts (Slim fit)
October 13, 2020

Samurai S002SP 15oz 'Yamato' Selvage Shorts (Slim fit)

That Silver-Sword-Selvage for your off days!

Made from Samurai’s specially developed ‘Yamoto’ Selvage denim, these are woven with Japanese cottons! For a 15oz denim, this is super soft and has an amazing vertical texture.

Cuff em up to reveal that silver fleck woven selvage id! For added contrast, the coated metal rivets and buttons will age up to a pinky copper ‘Sakura’ colour with time!

With triple stitching across the front pockets and back yoke, there’s no doubt these a built to last! The rear back pockets are also lined with a jacuard woven fabric to keep em lasting with heavy usage.

If you’re after some serious denims for those really hot days, go for these! Enjoy the beautiful fading with time!

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