Samurai "Rai-jin & Fu-jin" Coastal Shorts
September 18, 2023

Samurai "Rai-jin & Fu-jin" Coastal Shorts

Inspired by Japanese traditional myth, these S/S Aloha shorts will make you look powerful this summer!

The graphic design is inspired by the Japanese god of lightning -- Raijin and the Japanese god of wind -- Fujin. Many hundreds of years ago, the Japanese believed that both gods would bring them the harvest season and blessing if they prayed to them.

These shorts are constructed with lightweight cotton back satin fabric which is slowly woven from the vintage machine. Possessing a silky smooth touch and is perfect for summer! The graphic design is discharge printed by a skilful Japanese craftsman, with wear and wash, you will expect it to age to a more vintage look.

If you are looking for the perfect summer shorts with beautiful traditional Japanese-inspired details, Samurai is a great choice!

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