Samurai Indigo Denim L-2 Type Flight Jacket
April 25, 2023

Samurai Indigo Denim L-2 Type Flight Jacket

Inspired by the 1950s classic USAF L-2 type flight jacket, Samurai simplified its indigo denim version to a more elegant look!

The shell is constructed with its signature 15oz "Otokogi" nep denim and features an irregular neppy textured surface with a scattered dotted look. Made using short and crispy cotton fibres from Texas and thread-dyed using grand indigo, this pair will age up some strong contrast with wear and wash.

The lining is some Japanese medium-weight cotton satin, which has a very silky smooth touch that you would like to wear all the time!

Construction-wise, this denim flight jacket features a ribbed collar and cuffs, that are customized for Samurai and slowly woven from the vintage jacquard machine, which will hold its shape over decades of wear!

Looking for a perfect denim flight jacket to age along with for a lifetime? Do Samurai!

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